Our Journey

Welcome to our corner of Hunza magic! Here, we’re not just about selling stuff – we’re all about keeping traditions alive. You know, those good old days when our grandmas had the cure for everything in those natural oils? Well, turns out, we’ve bottled that wisdom up.
I’ve got this vivid memory of my grandma using these oils on me – it’s like a warm hug that never fades. But there’s more: I remember waking up to the smell of those fruits – a breakfast fit for a Queen, courtesy of my grandma. After breakfast, she’d gently apply those same oils to my hair, like a magical ritual.
Then came my mother, who took over this lovely duty. And now, well, it’s my turn. I’m doing all of this for my own daughter. It’s like an unbroken chain of love and care.
Hunza’s not just a place; it’s a feeling. Our orchards have stories to tell, stories that have been whispering through the trees for ages. So, here’s the deal: we’re taking those stories, those scents, those age-old remedies, and making sure they stick around for generations to come.
So, whether you’re here for the awesome oils or the fantastic fruits, know that you’re a part of this beautiful cycle – where history meets the future, and where culture never goes out of style. Catch the nostalgia, embrace the future – all in one bottle.

Stay rooted,
Shehnaz ​